lørdag 28. januar 2012

Silver Claws

Barbarella slippers

Another bargain I picked up whilst vintage shopping today.Havent quite figured out what to make of them yet but love the miu miu vs cyber style :)

Viva Las Vegas

Love this shoot with Daria.Was hard to chose few images as all the images were equally stunning.Love Vegas!Such a weird and wonderful place.Visited with a few friends for a one night drive through which involved poolside drinks,chapel weddings,limo rides and casino night out :D

JBF loves Manchester Vintage Shopping

Found this beautiful Vintage dress from Mint in town today for only a tenner.Cant wait to get an occasion to wear it.

Pretty in pastels

Today I bought this pale green jumper from H&M fashion against aids and a pale blue jumper from the mens section.Cant wait to wear them with my silver ring,own pair of shoes and the pastel orange nail polish I bought too.

JBF loves Cardboard Animals

Been exploring my new home town and came across a huge art shop.It has anything and everything.My favourite are these fancy dress animal heads.Great for fun night or just as decoration :)

Dream Team