mandag 27. februar 2012

Erik Sjøberg

Feeling super

When I started my new job I really wanted to be 100% on top of things as I have alot of responsibilities.I started to looking into "upgrading" my diet and just introducing more healthy things into everyday cooking.Now almost one and a half month later we are eating lots of veggies,fish,good oils and suppliments and feeling super good inside and out.But as the true sugar love I am I also still indulge,but try and keep it to the weekends :)

Colour me beautiful

søndag 26. februar 2012

JBF loves Katya Karpova


I haven't really ever posted about make up before,maybe mostly because dont use it too much,but ever since discovering the wonders of a little good foundation and a illuminator can do I am obsessed.The body shop's illuminator is great.Only need a little dab and makes you looking fresh faced and feeling good.

Oslo loving

Will soon be exhibiting my shoes at Unge talenter exhibition in Oslo and so excited.
Cant wait to travel over as my brother and his wife lives there.It is also such a beautiful city!Pictures from Facehunter

Black and White


Love this picture from Orcalefox's blog.Bring on the pastel fever.

lørdag 25. februar 2012

Facehunter Oslo

JBF loves sparkle boots

Vanillascented x 3

Love Maria behind Vanillascented's style.Sometimes so simple,but with a great eye for detail.

Vintage sparkle orange pastel dress

Its the weekend and its started lovely with lots of lovely food and now its on with my brand new pastel orange sparkle dress and heading down town.Manchester is amaizing for charity shop finds and also exploring the town today visting the art museum.