torsdag 29. september 2011

Norwegian wood

Here are some pictures that I took whilst working at the factory in Dale.

onsdag 28. september 2011


Back in Bergen and love it!Love being home with my family and friends.Even though its been constantly raining I am so happy to be home.


Also in love with this colour.Getting a pair of chinos hopefully from work and just bought a shirt too.Ron Burgundy,eat your heart out :D

JBF likes Cheap Monday

mandag 26. september 2011

onsdag 21. september 2011

Natalie Rae

I went to the LCF pop up shop yesterday and found some beautiful pieces including some nude shoes and a wood clutch from designer Natalie Rae.Cant get them out of my head and got a feeling I might be going back there soon :D

tirsdag 20. september 2011

Old school Peter Jensen

Love these old pieces by Peter Jensen.My favourite is the polarbear jumper.


One of my bestest and oldest friends was snapped by blogger in Seatle with his amaizing boyfriend Marius!Love them!They are the most amaizing couple in the world and Alex is the greatest friend!

mandag 19. september 2011