onsdag 30. november 2011

JBF loves NY

Starting to feel at home here in NY and time is just flying.Already starting to plan my return journey.

JBF loves Diana Ross

Just came across these images of a young Diana Ross and fell inlove with her style.

NY bright light city living

Love New York and all the colours.My favourite was the view from Empire State building at night.

JBF loves Jeffery Campbell mens collection


JBF loves Jeffery Campbell

Just attended the FFANY Footwear show at The Hilton New York and went to see the Jeffery Campbell booth and fell in love!Theyre 12 season looks amaizing!What crazy amaizing and wacky styles!Cant wait to buy a pair but kind of rather want to buy the whole collection!

JBF loves family

This year its going to be a family London Xmas.So exhited that the clan are coming over and we are all spending it together.Love my family and cant wait to see them all <3

tirsdag 29. november 2011

NY city loving


Today we have spent all day setting up our booth and ready to take New York with my friend Halldora's beautiful Icelandic designs tomorrow.On the exhibitors list is Ralph Lauren,House of Harlow,Rachel Zoe,Brian Atwood,Jimmy Choo,Salvatore Ferragamo and the list continues.Cant wait for tomorrow.

East Village magic

Yesterday we had dinner at Panna II in East Village and it was amaizing.It was so tiny but so magical,and the food was great!You bring your own wine and came to a total of $27 dollars for four courses.The food was deliciouse and in the middle of it all they turned the lights off so only the bright xmas lights and disco lights came on and we were all clapping singing happy birthday to one of the guests.My love for the East Village only grows stronger.

JBF loves Marni vs H&M

Just heard that Marni and HM are the next big collaboration and so excited!Cant wait!

Black and white

JBF loves Andrew Graves

mandag 28. november 2011

JBF loves Alexandra Petsetakis at PORT

My lovely lovely friend and fashion editor at PORT is featured on NET-A-PORTER by buy her style.Love the photo and so amaizing that we first met in art foundation wanting to do these big things and we actually made it :D

New York city living

Pictures from a day of true tourist NY city living.

I want

24 hour Iceland

Before we left for NY I had a stop in Reykjavik for 24 hours to stay with my friend Halldora and pack all the shoes for the show.It was the best and craziest 24 hours in my life.Swimming in the Blue Lagoon,eating the best food in the worl(including Puffin),going out to listen to live Icelandic music and also the racing trip of speeding down the highway 50 minutes before our plane left eating Icelandic hotdogs.Im in love!