fredag 29. juli 2011

torsdag 28. juli 2011



The ones we lost

Some of the faces of the beautiful people we lost.My heart goes out to their family and friends as the sadness and sorrow of just seeing their faces is so big I can not even imagine what their families are feeling.But people all over the world are coming together to show their respects and condolences.Its so moving.

Memorial at Sjømannskirken London tomorrow at 13.00

As the names and pictures are being posted of the people lost in the tragedy its hitting home more and more.Pictures of beautiful young teens and adults smiling all taken away by one horrible person.So sad.When you see a picture of the person, you all of a sudden relate to this person and a sorrow hits home.I cant stop crying.My heart goes out to all their friends and family and going to pay my respects to all the lives lost tomorrow at Sjømannskirken in London.

onsdag 27. juli 2011

Summer fresh

JBF shoes - Handmade in Norway


If one man can carry so much hatred,then think how much love we can show when we all come together

Every day I wake up and follow the news after the tradgedy that happened back home. Every day I end up crying for the lifes lost but also moved at the love thats shared within the Norwegian people and also from other countries.When Im in London it feels like Im miles away from everything thats happening back home,but looking forward to Friday for the memorial day in Sjømannskirken London as get to show a support for the people we lost.The girl pictured lost her mum in the Utøya tragedy,when her mum worked to create a great enviroment and summer for the children and also died to protect them.

tirsdag 26. juli 2011

Black and white

JBf ekte norsk

A picture from a few years back when I did a project inspired by traditional costumes.When such an event occures makes the Norwegian inside of you come out even stronger!

Memorial Service in London this Friday

A Service of Prayer and Reflection following the terror attacks in Oslo will take place at the Norwegian Church in London on Friday 29 July at 1 pm. Everyone is welcome. The services is organised by the Norwegian Church and the Norwegian Embassy in London.

Dark and tassled

Beautiful Norway

More than 150,000 Norwegians gathered in Oslo last night carrying red and white roses to show their support for the 76 people who were slain on Friday.

Joining them in the 'rose rally' were Norway’s prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, his wife Ingrid, and members of the country’s royal family - Crown Prince Haakon and his wife Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Martha Louise.

Prince Haakon addressed the solemn crowd outside the city hall, saying that ‘tonight the streets are filled with love'. Rallies were also held in other cities around the nation.